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Company profile

Lanxi with force aluminium co., LTD. Is located in the beautiful scenery of the zhejiang lanxi,Apart from hangjinqu expressway12Kilometers。Throughout the year330Along the road。The company covers an area of5.2Million square meters,The construction area4.2Million square meters,With employees320Name,The technical personnel40Name。

The company was founded in2001Years,Is the production of forging aluminum alloy forging aluminum alloy crank and bicycle accessories professional manufacturers,With years of experience in aluminum alloy products forging processing。From the design of the product、Forging、Machining to surface treatment、Performance testing the whole process can be done in our company,This greatly save the production cost。

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Lanxi with force aluminium co., LTD

The ground The address:Zhejiang lanxi yongchang industrial park hong storefront

Technology development department(R&D):

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Yongkang salesroom

Zhejiang yongkang gaozhou county road3Building7Number

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Tianjin salesroom

The ground The address:Tianjin north bicycle mallC17#

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